Countdown New Years Eve around the world

Countdown New Years Eve around the world

The Pacific Island nations of Tonga, Samoa, and Kiribati were the first to witness it in the new year – when it was still 5 a.m. on December 31 on the east coast of the United States and 11 a.m. UTC (UTC, UTC). New Zealand was next, an hour later.

American Samoa, only 101 miles from Samoa but in a completely different time zone, You have to wait an entire day Before seeing it in 2021.
over there 39 different local times are in use – Including 2 hours ahead of UTC by more than 12 hours – which means that it takes 26 hours for the entire world to enter the New Year.
So, if you really, really, really, really Love to laughFarewell commendThe list below will make you feel the soul – over and over again.

Here is when the world was and will be It rings in the new year, relative to Eastern Standard Time.

Tuesday 31 December 2019

5 AM ET Samoa, Tonga and Christmas Island / Kiribati

5:15 AM Chatham Islands / New Zealand

6 am New Zealand (with few exceptions) and five other sites / islands

7 am A small region of Russia and seven other locations

8 am Much of Australia and seven more (including Melbourne and Sydney)

Fireworks explode over the Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge to knock in 2021. A million people usually crowd in Sydney Harbor to watch the annual fireworks centered on the Sydney Harbor Bridge.  But this year authorities have advised revelers to watch fireworks on television.

8:30 AM A small region in Australia (including Adelaide)

9 am Queensland / Australia and six more (including Brisbane)

9:30 AM Northern Territory / Australia (including Alice Springs)

10 am Japan, South Korea and other four

10:15 a.m. Western Australia / Australia

11 am China, the Philippines and 10 others

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the noon Lots of Indonesia, Thailand and another seven

12:30 pm. Myanmar and Cocos Islands

1 m Bangladesh and another six

1:15 pm Nepal

1:30 PM India and Sri Lanka

2 m Pakistan and eight more

2:30 p.m. Afghanistan

15:00 Azerbaijan and eight more

3:30 pm Iran

4 m Moscow / Russia and 22 others

5 m Greece and 31 others (including Egypt, South Africa, and Romania)

6 m Germany and 45 other countries (including Algeria, Italy, Belgium, and France)

7 pm The United Kingdom and 24 other countries (including Portugal and Iceland)

8 m Cabo Verde and two others

21:00 Regions of Brazil and South Georgia / Sandwich Islands

10 pm Most of Brazil, Angetina and nine others

10:30 pm Newfoundland and Labrador / Canada

11 m Some regions of Canada and 28 others

Wednesday 1 January 2020

midnight The United States (East Coast) and Cuba

1 a.m. The United States (center), Mexico and nine other countries

2 am United States (the mountain) and two others

3 am The United States (Pacific) and four others

4 a.m The United States (Alaska) and regions of French Polynesia

4:30 AM Marquesas Islands / French Polynesia

5 am. The United States (Hawaii) and two more

6 am American Samoa and two more

7 am Lots of small islands far from the United States (unincorporated U.S. Pacific regions)

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