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Luke Littlehaw, the United States elected representative from Louisiana, has died of Covid-19

Elected Representative Luke Littlehaw, Republican from Louisiana, He died on Tuesday A complication of Covid-19.

Letlow, 41, a father of two young children, became the first congressman or elected member to die of illness. His death sparked messages of support for his family from both parties, with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Saying in a statement, “The elected congressman Letlow was a ninth generation of Louisiana who fought passionately for his point of view and devoted his life to public service.”

Pelosi continued: “While the House of Representatives mourns the death of the elected Congressman, Lilo, our grief is exacerbated by the grief of many other families who have also suffered lives that have claimed the life of this terrible virus.” “I hope that it is consolation for Julia, wife of Luke and their sons Jeremiah and Jacqueline, that many people mourn their loss and pray for them at this sad time.”

In fact, Letleau’s death comes as the virus reached terrifying new heights, claiming the lives of more than 300,000 Americans. And while it is The first elected federal official To die from Covid-19, many others have tested positive, including Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy And of course, President Trump.

His death is a reminder that despite claims to the contrary, the disease can really affect young and healthy people. It’s also a reminder that it’s widely traded pretty much everywhere in America – including the highest levels of government.

Letlow’s death mourns federal and Louisiana officials

On December 18, Letlow announced that he had tested positive for the virus, According to Politico. He was taken to the hospital the next day, The New York Times reported.

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According to a doctor at Shreveport Hospital, Louisiana, where he was being treated, Letlow had no underlying conditions that would expose him to serious complications from Covid-19. The doctor said his death was “all related to Covid.”

Letlow survived his wife, 3-year-old son, and 11-month-old daughter. “The family appreciates the many prayers and support over the past days but asks for privacy during this difficult and unexpected time,” a spokesperson said He said in a statement Tuesday.

Among those who gave a salute in Congress was House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who He said in a statement That “our hearts are broken tonight as we process the news.”

“Locke had such a positive spirit, and a very bright future ahead of him,” the Louisiana congressional delegation said in a joint statement. “He was looking forward to serving the people of Louisiana in Congress, and we were excited to welcome him to our delegation as he was ready to make an even greater impact on our state and our nation.”

Letlow was appointed to become the youngest member of the Louisiana delegation, According to Now, it will be up to Louisiana Gov. John Bill Edwards Holding special elections for his seat. The governor has yet to announce such elections, though Issued a statement Mourning the death of Letlow on Tuesday.

The governor said, “I feel sad that he will not be able to serve our people as a representative of the United States, but I am more saddened by his loving family,” and concluded by reminding him of the ongoing crisis of which Lethal’s death is a part: “Louisiana has lost more than 7,300 people to COVID-19 since March, Each of them leaves a huge hole in our state. “

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